Is hemp oil a cancer killer? Well, new studies announced that hemp oil for cancer actually inhibits certain symptoms of the disease. Research scientists conducting studies for the ACS (American Cancer Society) also found cannabinoids beneficial. Hemp oil top five constituents: Alpha Lipoic Acid, iodine, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride and selenium inhibit cancer cells.

Researchers remain sanguine about the effectiveness of hemp oil on cancer cells. With cancer being a significantly complex degenerative disease, scientists require consistency. Certain dynamics such as the form of cancer, tumor and patient influence the efficacy of hemp oil as a treatment. For example, a 2007 research concluded that cannabinoids identified in hemp oil slow the progression of Id-1 expression. Metastasis-related breast cancer is a common health affliction in American women today. According to the latest study, hemp oil inhibits Id-1 protein activities that feed metastasis-type breast cancer cells. Largely, hemp oil for cancer prevents breast tissue damage and stimulate natural healing.

Hemp oil inhibits all forms of cancer cells similarly according to a 2003 research findings. Consequently, hemp oil releases antineoplastic substances that promote progressive antitumor activity. That said, hemp oil can treat brain cancers. Another cited study reported that the key compounds, cannabinoids diminishes the symptoms of prostate carcinoma.

Cancer treatment that incorporates hemp oil continues to undergo vast development today. The AICR (Association for International Cancer Research) have emphasized the fact that the disease has a complex structure. With these dynamics taken into account, it's ill-founded that hemp oil for cancer addresses all strains of the disease. However, it's helped cancer patients fight off different symptomatic response.

The seeds that produce hemp oil has nourishing pharmaceutical constituents like y-linolenic acid. Studies confirmed that such compounds can effectively treat chronic degenerative disease. Cancer patients should get a professional opinion before using hemp oil products. 

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