If you buy CBD products and have decided to move your purchases to an online seller, you may be wondering if it is possible to buy CBD with free shipping. Buying online is often cheaper than buying the same products at an off line store but shipping fees can add up.


You will be happy to know it is possible to buy CBD products and get free shipping as well. You just need to know where to look and when to buy them.


Where to look for free shipping on CBD products -- If you are looking for CBD Free Shipping, you first need to find the sites that always have it by doing a Google or Yahoo search.


Once you have a list of a few sites, you can then spend time on each site finding out how much they charge for the CBD products you want.


You then need to compare them with the prices online stores charge that do not offer free shipping. This, of course, is because some sites do offer free shipping but that increase the price of their products to make up for their free shipping.


Place your order with the site that has the lowest price on both product and shipping.


Finding CBD free shipping ahead of time -- Some sites only offer CBD products with free shipping at specific times of the year.


This is why you should sign up for the email list of any supplier you may be interested in buying from.


That way when he suddenly decides to offer free shipping for a limited time, you will be notified via email and can plan your next order of CBD products accordingly.


Remember, though, that free shipping is not the main thing you should be looking for. A good quality CBD product is far more important.

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