Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms is located in the Highland Lakes region of Texas and offers all natural CBD products in several forms. They do not sell products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act and the products are legal in all 50 states. Ultra high grade plants are used for the hemp extracts and the extraction process is the gentlest way possible, SuperCritical CO2 extraction. None of these products will give you that “high” feeling and you will not feel sluggish or disoriented. Instead the products help with each of their specifications. For example, there is a vape oil called chill and this product targets the muscles to make you feel more relaxed, as well as emotionally calmed.

Products of Highland Pharms

CBD drops and creams: CBD drops can be taken directly from the bottle orally or added to food/liquid. It is the users choice. The oils have different concentrations, giving the customer a choice of high milligrams with a slight different in the concentration of CBD. There is even an oil for your pet! The oil for your pet does the same as the others, helping your animal rest.

CBD capsules: CBD capsules offered by Highland Pharms are soft gels that are either 15mg, 25mg or 50mg and the capsule itself is vegan.

CBD vape oils: Vape oils is the oil you can put into a vape pen. There are several cannibinoids that can be found besides the more popular known CBD. These cannibinoids are CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA, CBN, CBD AND CBDA. This does mean there are trace amounts of THC, but only a tiny trace, so there is no sort of “high”.

CBD extracts and waxes: This is also called Hemp Dabs and can be used in a vape pen, bowl or some other rig.

CBD gummies: Highland Pharms also make edible gummy Bears that contain the same ingredients as the oils.

Moringa Oleifera: Moringa Oleifera is a super food that has a ton of benefits for ones health, containing 92 known nutrients.

Highland Pharms provides only the best for their customers. The process that is ud for extraction is different from traditional ways, being more gentle and keeping what matters at its best potential. To know more click on CBD Free Shipping.

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